Principal Desk's

Dear Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our school website. this school is a premier institution which ensures all-round development of students, so that they achieve success in all spheres of life. In the words of Martin Luther King jr. " the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character that is the true goal of education. "

Our institution is priviledged to have capabale teachers and faculty members, who are dedicated towards transforming young students into confident and self dependent persons in every aspect of life. we provide the different vocational courses along with 10+2 classes in our institution.

I ensure you that this institution will open a window opportunity for students looking for quality education. I will sum up with these beautiful lines for providing encouragement to our students.

" Forward
Forever Forward
at the end of the tunnel
is the light
at the end of the light
is the victory. "

                           Mother Teresa

with many blessings that " Be a good citizen".

Pinky Kumari
Patna Collegiate School,


Patna Collegiate School, Patna was founded on 10th August, 1835 by the officials of East India company to spread the English pattern of Education in Bihar. Its previous name was Patna High School. It was founded at Alan Ganj, Ashok Rajpath, Patna. That way it is the oldest High School of State Bihar.

In the year 1862, the name of the school was changed to present name Patna Collegiate School and was transferred to the place which is now referred as Patna Campus. Mr. J. E. Mecridle was appointed its head and was designated as its Principal.

In the year 1915 IA Course of Patna College, Patna was transferred to Patna Collegiate and it was rechristened as New College (Junior Patna College). Till June 1927, It functioned as New College.

On 1 July 1927, the school unit of New College was transferred to its present building and since then the institution is functioning in the name of Patna Collegiate School, Dariyapur, Patna.

Our Mission

Education is the process by which an individual is encouraged and enabled to fully develop his or her potential; it may also serve the purpose of equipping the individual with what is necessary to be a productive member of society. Through teaching and learning the individual acquires and develops knowledge and skills.

It is widely accepted that the process of education is lifelong. Studies have shown that the child already educated by the experiences it is exposed to.