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On 1 July 1927, the school unit of New College was transferred to its present building and since then the institution is functioning in the name of Patna Collegiate School, Dariyapur, Patna.

As per provisions of National Education Policy (10+2+3), the Govt. of Bihar in July 1984 started +2 teaching from the academic session 1984 - 86 in this institution. The teaching was initiated in the Science & Arts Stream.

Since then the Intermediate classes are running successfully & the institution is excelling day by day. In the annual examination, 2000 (Session: 1998 ? 2000), the results were excellent. The pass percentage was 100%. Out of which 87% had secured 1st division.

In the year 2001 (Session: 1999 ? 2001), the results again were spectacular. All of the students except one secured 1st division, may of them had very high percentage of marks-securing distinction in all science papers as well as in Hindi also. Since then our results have been quite good.

In the year 2009 results of our classes are such below :-
  • Intermediate Science - 95 %

  • Intermediate Arts - 94.11 %

  • Intermediate Commerce - 100 %

  • Board (X) - 80.46 %

  • Vocational - 93.54 %

  • The school is located at the heart of the town, Dariyapur, Patna. It is at a distance of 1 kilometer from places like Gandhi Maidan, Patna University, PMCH, Patna Collectriate and Moinul Haq Stadium.

    The school has very impressive building having 34 class rooms. All class rooms are spacious and airy. The physics laboratory is equipped with all modern apparatus like p-n junction diode, zener diode, transistors, LED, Phone transistor & important ingradients of logic gate.

    The Chemistry Laboratory has proper water facility Gas supply facility is also readily available. All the necessary chemical solutions and all related experimental apparatus are there.

    The Biology Laboratory is also well equipped. In addition to proper water facility, the compound microscopes are plenty and all are in good & in working condition.

    The chemicals needed to study different slides are available. All the necessary animal speciment are there. Models depicting important animals cell organells & bioenzymes are available in the laboratory.

    The play ground of the school is quite bid and is good enough to organize any standard tournament.

    From the year 2007, teaching for class XI to XII will be available in this institution as per new Govt. order.
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